donderdag 17 oktober 2013

The Small Family (pending project)

 The first painting project for me - paint a family portret and show in this portret what family means to you. 
The pictures are in the order i painted them in, and you can see i gradually get better and paint more intuitive.

My little brother (woah, you can see i am not familiar with the use of acryl paint)

My great-great grandmother

My grandfather

A big one of my mom

The hands of my dad (trust me, he is not an alien)

The mustache of my great-great grandfather

The hair of my dad as a little kid (i feel like this is the best one)

And of course this little bastard had to join in too :)

This project is still pending, i need a background with all these family members in there. But that's for a later post...


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